The LU Card

Lund University

About the LU Card

LU Card features

  • Access card to enter university buildings
  • Local ID card to show that you are entitled to stay on the premises outside normal working hours
  • Library card
  • Printing and copying
  • Attendance registration on certain compulsory course elements

Who can get an LU card?

Students should be admitted or registered on course or program in The student database Ladok and thus have received their student accounts. Students who are not a part of the Lund University Ladok, for example, participants in commissioned education or students only doing their master thesis at Lund University, should contact their departmed to added manually to the university catalog system, Lucat.

Employees should be present in the Lucat catalog system in order to get their LU cards. This is managed by a directory administrator at the department or division.

Craftsmen, consultants and other categories usually contact a local directory administrator in the building where they need access to be added to Lucat. Those who work throughout the university can also be handled in another way. This applies for example to the property owner's subcontractor and fruit delivery. These categories should contact their client to be able to get an LU card.

How do I get my LU card?

Bring your ID and visit one of our card offices. You will be photographed and the card is produced while you wait. It only takes a minute. See the list of card offices and their opening hours.

The card can only be obtained from one of our card stations in Lund. If you are a distance student, you can not get an LU card.

How do I get my PIN code?

The code is sent via email every time you get a new card. It usually takes less than 10 minutes before you receive the email which is sent to all your known Lucat email addresses, both private and where applicable also your LU email. If you are a visitor and didn't receive the email, it might be because your email address is not in Lucat. In that case, ask the department to add the address. You can also Find the code on My Page. Certain Types of craftsmen and consultants will instead get their code from a local administrator in the building where they will work. This applies to cards with Contractor printed on the front.

What access rights do I get?

Access rights for students are normally granted automatically based on registrations in Ladok, and for employees based on their department. Each building decides who gets access to their facilities and usually create the automatic access groups themselves. This means that you should primarily contact local administrators if you have questions regarding card access.

If I need more access rights

Sometimes you may need more than the default access rights. For example, researchers who collaborate with other departments or students doing thesis work in department labs.

For more access rights, you can use the permission system in the university catalog system, Lucat. You can apply yourself, or a local administrator can do it for you. In either case, please contact a local administrator first to know which Lucat permissions are active, and because they will have to know why you need more access rights.

It is also possible to manage the access rights directly in the access control systems. This is also handled by local staff.

If I lose my card

If your card is stolen or if you lose it otherwise, you should pick up a new card as soon as possible. This will automatically cancel the old card. If you are unable to get a new card within a week or have a lot of sensitive access rights on the card you can contact the LU cardto have the card cancelled. Due to encryptions keys on the card, a cancelled card can never be reactivated.

If the card is not working

If the card reader does't react at all when you try to use the card, the problem is either in the card or the card reader. To pinpoint the problem, try another card reader och ask someone else to try with their card. If the problem follows your card you will have to get a new card. If you are unsure contact the local staff, or if that dosn't solve your problem, contact the LU Card.

If the card reader reacts but you get a red light, it probably due to a lack of access rigts for door in question. Pleas contact local staff.

If the card stops working, and you are locked out and no one else can help you, contact the university emergency telephone .

When you leave the university

Employees return the card to their department, visitors leave the card to their host or client. Students do not have to return their card.